Arts and Crafts – Clay Pot Crafting

If you have an artistic mind and you love you make something decorative and attractive for your home then clay pots are definitely a great idea to work with. You can make different items or can also so some painting on the clay pot in such a way that it will make the plant look better. It may also happen that you not even notice the plant just because the pot is so attractive.

To make a painted clay pot you need to have 4” clay pot, opaque apple green acrylic paint, opaque blue lagoon acrylic paint, opaque yellow acrylic paint, semi opaque pumpkin acrylic paint, semi opaque white acrylic paint, fine point permanent black marker.

Steps to make a painted clay pot:
1. First using a small ruler and pencil, you should measure the height of the clay pot starting just below the rim. Then mark off the halfway point between the top and the bottom of the clay pot. Altogether you should measure and mark off the halfway point at four opposite places on the pot.

2. Now holding the plastic measuring tape up to the clay pot, connect the halfway points and then draw a light pencil line between all the halfway point marks around the pot.

3. Line up the ruler with each of the halfway points around the pot one at a time and draw a light pencil line from the top of the plant pot just below the rim to the bottom of the pot at this point. You will have 8 squares drawn on the pot.

4. Then you have to decide on the color scheme or arrangement of the colors into squares you have drawn on the pot. In one set of squares you can fill any combination of two colors and in the other one also you can fill other set of colors.

5. Squeeze a small amount of the pumpkin acrylic paint on the paper plate and gather a small amount of paint on the straight edge of the brush and paint along the straight lines of one of the squares with a generous coat paint on the paper plate. Outline and fill in one of the square completely with a generous layer of paint. Now paint the square diagonally across from it pumpkin using the same method as you did for the first one and let the paint dry. Rinse out and shape the brush again.

6. When this paint is drying, you can turn the pot around to other set of 4 squares. Squeeze a small amount of yellow acrylic paint on the paper plate. Outline and fill in one of the squares with a generous coat of the yellow paint. Paint the square diagonally across from it yellow suing the same method as you have did for the first one and then let the paint dry.

7. When the paint on this side is drying, turn the pot around to the first set of 4 squares. Squeeze a small amount of apple green acrylic paint and paint the square diagonally across from it green using the same method as you did earlier. Again let the paint dry and you can rinse out and shape the brush again.

8. Again while this paint is drying turn the pot around to the second set of 4 squares and squeeze a small amount of blue lagoon acrylic paint on the paper plate. Next outline and fill in one of the squares with a generous coat of blue paint. Paint the square diagonally using the same method and let the paint dry.

9. When the paint is drying for the last squares you have painted, it is time to paint the edge of the pot white. Squeeze a small amount of white acrylic paint onto the paper plate and paint the edges.

How to Craft a Lively Scrapbook

Crafting a lively scrapbook is a fun task, and can be accomplished with minimal supplies and cash. Scrapbooks are a storybook combined with pictures, embellishments, documents, and more. Each step you take to living up your scrapbook will tell an amazing story to the audience enjoying your creation. The photos say a thousand words alone, yet if you add background, stationary, patterns, lettering, titles, captions, stickers, etc, you can living it up even more to present an outstanding story.

Penmanship is important. If you need help with penmanship, you may want to create your own letters from scraps, such as patterns or stationary. When you create a scrapbook, you want compelling messages, lettering, journals, pictures, and more. You will need a genealogy to start telling the story of your family and their history. Next, you will need pens, paper, letterheads, stickers, etc, to finish your story. You will find archival pens in a variety of styles, colors, etc.

Pens available to create lively scrapbooks include permanent markers/pens, waterproof, non-toxic, fade-resistance, non-bleeding, quick dry, and pigment ink. Black, felt-tip pens are great also, yet you want to be careful not to apply too much pressure when writing. You want to avoid the acid-based pens, markers, etc. Search for the CK OK and P.A.T. approved pens in the craft stores.

How choose pens for writing lettering and journals:
If you choose, the felt-pens make sure that you understand the point size. The sizes range from .005 to .08-mm, depending on the style.

If you want to invent a fancy scrapbook check out the line of inscription pens. The pens are designed to handle captions, titles, etc. The pen tips have broad, flat tips and when used at a “45-degree” slant you can create beautiful letters. Practice first before using the pen if you are not use to calligraphy styles.

When creating borders, captions, or titles for your scrapbook you can use the Zig writers also. The pens were designed by expert crafters, or manufacturers that specialize in scrap booking. You will find the “Zig Memory” Systems, etc. “EK Success” is the creators of these pens, which include the Zig Writers, Calligraphy, scroll tips, fine tips, dense markers, brush pens, and the bullet pens. You have a selection of colors to choose from.

Additional pens include the chisel, colored pens, pencils, and the goof-proof rollers, which are gel based. Chisel comes in a variety of sizes, colors, etc, and will offer you versatile lettering. Scroll is designed to the handle sophisticated letters. The pen is called “Scroll and Brush. If you are familiar with computer fonts, perhaps the closest font to the scroll pens is the CASTELLAR font.

In addition to pens, you can purchase the craft paint pens. You will find a variety of colors and pen-tip sizes are craft stores, online, stationary stores, and more. The gel-based pens are similar to paint pens. In the line of pens, you will find lightning, milky, and more. The pens are ideal for writing journals.

Color pens enable you to color in areas of your scrapbook to produce a nice looking design. You can use the color pens also to draw your own pictures and more. Colored pencils are ideal for designing titles, lettering, captions, etc. The pencils come in a variety of colors. Some of the popular craft brands include Berol Prsima, and the Zig brands.

TIP: When using paint pens make sure that you apply adequate pressure without over doing it. To create letters, i.e. fancy letters large or small use the double “fine n’ chisels.

How to Save Money on Your Crafting Supplies

Crafting can be something that you can have a lot of fun with and something that will be very rewarding. You will find that crafting is something at many adults and children do to pass the time.. There are some supplies that can be very pricey, but you will get a lot out of your hobbies when it comes to showing them off at fair time and even online in a store. You will be able to mix your business with pleasure when you pick a hobby that

You will be able to save a lot of money when you go to visit your local craft stores during a sale. When you shop at a store regularly, ask if they have newsletters or other mailings to alert you of upcoming sales and sign up. For the best products at the best prices you will want to keep in mind that a local sale is best for you. Otherwise, the items you want might be gone. Hot times for sales are after holidays and seasons, but if you craft a lot, stock up for next year by buying seasonal items when they go on sale.

You will also want to buy in bulk and save some money.. If there is a certain kind of craft that you love to do, you should buy lots of the same item at a time. When you buy in bulk, the store or manufacturer may be able to give you a discount. If you open up and ask how you can get the supplies at wholesale prices, you will find plenty of ways for you to save a lot of money. If you run a crafting business, you might be able to save in that way as well.

You will find that shopping online is a great way for you to past your time and you will find that there is a lot that you can do to get your supplies from the manufacture so that your prices are cheaper. You will find that then you leave out the intermediary; you will be able to save a lot of time and energy. In addition, you will want to pay attention to the extra shipping charges that you will be asked to prove, but you will be able to save a lot of money either way.

You will find that when you look at craft supplies that are cheap you will find that there are many supplies that you can get for fewer than ten dollars, but crafts that will help you and your child deal with life and it can help you to move on. You should be able to find cheap hobbies to spend all the fun filled time that you need to. You will find that you can get everything that you need online.

Hunting for Craft Projects

You should know that not everyone could be a crafter and come up with new and creative ideas to use for the projects. You will also find that there are people who devote their lives to a particular craft. You will want to make these crafts at your home , but something that you will only need a few simple directions. You will want to make sure that you show off your craft ability by finding new projects that are challenging. You will find hat there are tons of craft ideas to help you get by and you can be into some quick and simple projects. You may want to look for inexpensive crafts so that you can get yourself involved and into a hobby. Things like quilting, rubber stamping, or using clay to help you may projects are just some of the thing that you can go to make the craft projects simple and affordable.

You will first want to go online to find some of the craft ideas that you need to get motivated. The Internet is a great resource because it is ever changing and you can often talk directly to the author of the article via email to ask specific questions. You will want to use blogs to your advantage because they can be a great source for you. Basically, a blog is an online column that is updated rather frequently by the same author. Blogs usually have a specific topic, so by searching for ones about crafting, you can find updated ideas almost every day.

For those who are not connected to the net, you will want to do a lot of searching. You may not even know how you can search properly; however, you will find that there are plenty of magazines and such to help you get the project ideas. You can subscribe to a general craft magazine or one that is more specialized to your specific wants and needs. Good news—if you run a business by selling your crafts, trade magazines are tax deductible! Of course, you’ll have to wait a month for a new issue, but crafting magazines still reflect current trends, like blogs and articles do no the Internet.

When it comes to a specific craft, you will want to learn the basics and then expand on that. Books are a great starting place. If you’re short on cash, you can even simply borrow them from your local library. You can purchase or borrow crafting books on every subject, and they are great to use in conjunction with magazines or even a crafting class.

It doesn’t matter what your craft is, you will be able to find plenty of project ideas and you will also be able to walk through your local supplies store and allow your creativity to guide you.

Winter Craft Ideas for your Children

If it is winter time and your child has been asked to make some winter projects and therefore there are many wonderful possibilities for basic winter art projects and crafts such as cutting out snowflakes or drawing a Santa Claus but in addition there are some other fun things and activities to be done. You can pose the idea of interesting arts and crafts to your children and you shall really be surprised at the creative ideas of your children.

Some fun ideas for winter crafts whereby you can use organized supplies such as:

1. Cotton is very useful in making some great winter art projects and if these cotton balls are a bit colder they can even look like mini snowballs. Your child can also draw wonderful winter scenery and then rip them, fluff them and glue them at the places where snow has to be shown.

2. Winter is always incomplete without marshmallows. Marshmallows is added treats in hot chocolate but can also be used for winter crafts. Your kids can take three big marshmallows and then stack them on top of each other so as to make a mini and tasty snowman. Toothpicks can also be used to hold the marshmallows together and also as the arms. Mini marshmallows can be a great fun when snowballs are attached to winter collages.

3. Plaster of Paris is also used in many great ways and not just for winter crafts and one of such ways is to use it to make “footprints in the snow.” For this, you can fill a box lid with negligible item such as Plaster of Paris. When it settles and dries you can make different footprints in the snow or could be used as the side of fist to look like a baby’s footprints.

4. Birds that stay in place all through winter needs food and during winter children can make a pine cone bird feeder. So you need to cover a pine cone in peanut butter and dip it in the bird seed and then tie a bit of string to one of these pine cones and hung it up on the tree outside.

5. You can also use glitter to add so that any basic winter art project looks even more fancy and beautiful.